Thursday, 16 February 2012

It's training now, not exercise!

Earlier this week a quote from the famous online encyclopaedia caught my eye, it goes like this:

'Training differs from exercise in that people may dabble in exercise as an occasional activity for fun. Training has specific goals of improving one's capability, capacity, and performance'.

Whilst it may sound a bit of a serious quote the key word here is fun. Getting out on our bikes a lot more than we normally do and exploring the many lanes Cumbria has to offer is fun. Although the fun is now turning into hard work, I guess we have reached the stage were the fun exercise has become proper training. Don't worry though we are still having fun too!

A few people have asked what the training entails and when we find time to fit it in. Each of us lead busy lives with our jobs, businesses and families all vying for their own attention along with the cycling. Some of the team manage to get out during the week for a few hours ride together. Others will commute to work and some will take a spinning class at the local gym or turbo train at home. The main focus of the week is our longer group rides each Sunday. These started back in November 2011 at around 50 miles and each week the distance has steadily increased with us now covering 60 - 70 miles. We do of course have the important cafe stop along the way to refuel with coffee and cake!  With lighter evenings approaching we shall no doubt all be putting more miles in before April.

One piece of training advice that keeps cropping up is that when we are all comfortable to do two consecutive days of around 70 miles cycling then the Lejog itself should be more enjoyable and achievable.

Here's hoping!

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