Sunday, 26 February 2012

First Aid

About 15 years ago my job at the time required that I attend a first aid course, all went smoothly and I passed at the end of the eight weeks. When leaving the course on the final day the instructor told us to 'be careful' on the way home as it is not uncommon for people leaving first aid courses to witness some sort of incident in the coming days. A bit of banter or scaremongering I thought but the following day...........

After the course I had a few days off before returning to work, on the journey home the unfortunate happened, a horrific motorcyle accident! The car driving infront of me decided to turn right at the same time as the motorcycle was overtaking. Luckily I was on hand to put my new training to use.

What does all this rambling have to do with our Lejog???

Well, our Lejog support car driver Cathy attended a first aid course yesterday. Hmmm, don't worry there is no bad news coming up but the post first aid course gremlins tried to get us on todays group training ride but only in the form of mechanical problems.

Left to Right. Simon, Jonny, Sonja, Shelagh, Gary and Ashley
At Wall End, Langdale

A good 70 mile or so hilly training ride was the plan for our group Sunday ride taking in Broughton Fell, Coniston, Blea Tarn, Elterwater, Clappersgate, Hawkshead and then back to Ulverston via Bouth.

The day went well but those aforementioned gremlins tried to get us in the form of mechanical here you go the following happened:

  • 2 broken chains - one was mine and resulted in me kissing the tarmac!
  • several dropped chains
  • 1 broken derailleur cable
  • 1 minor collision with a horse box

Nearly all of this happened in the first half of the ride so it was little surprise that most of us had two pieces of cake at the halfway coffee stop.

We are all safely at home now with some of the bikes in need of maintenance before the next training ride tomorrow!

Shelagh and Sonja next to a sign that makes you dread what is coming up!


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