Friday, 13 April 2012

Doesn't time fly?

On the same weekend exactly 4 months ago the idea and first training ride for our Lejog was born. Almost every Sunday in those 4 months we have completed a group training ride, gradually increasing each week in altitude and distance. On top of this each individual has been out on their bike several times a week plus using a turbo trainer or attending a spin class. After a shorter ride this Sunday we have a few days out of the saddle to keep the legs fresh then we set off for Cornwall later in the week.

Along the way you will have seen many thank you posts on this blog, all of the companies mentioned have been very generous with their goods or services and for this we are all very grateful. Their generosity has meant the costs involved in setting up and running the ride have been kept to a minimum for both the individual riders and the charity.

As well as our corporate supporters, in the background there is a team of people who, without them, the ride would simply not take place. Wives, husbands, partners, parents, family and friends have all helped and put up with each of us on our journey so far. So whilst we are the ones with our photos in the newspapers please remember that behind each of us there is someone else keeping things ticking along.

Once we get going later this week we shall try and post regular photos as we progress along the route. You may even get a list of daily stats (food consumed, miles covered, lemonades downed!) as other lejog blog riders do. For those wanting some tech we shall even make a note of all the bikes and gadgets used to help us cover the 1000 miles.

We shall catch you next week when we start our monumental event. 

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  1. Faith, courage, Love of God and Country is what you are all made of,, From a yank who thinks you all Rock...